About Our Prints

Lovers of art, from all cultures and periods, we have been collecting, restoring and reproducing vintage and antique images for over 15 years. We have a passion for the rare and unusual, and our curated collection is eclectic.

Some pieces we present as is, or with a little restorative work, others we add a bit of creativity to, and some are our own original collages.

All prints are reproduced with acid free/archival materials. Quality is very important to us.

Print Info

Printed by us, our prints are produced using highest quality inks and heavyweight (310gsm) lightly textured, archival quality, 100% cotton rag fine art paper.

Prints come with an extra plain paper border of approx. 2 - 5 cm (or less, for smallest prints) to allow for matting when framing, if required.
Smallest size prints with 8" format have only very small borders (approx. 1/4" / 0.5cm).
Dimensions listed are actual image size - the plain paper border is in addition to this.

Please Note: Images sizes listed are approximate and may differ by few mm's. Images sizes are closer to the inches size listed than the cm size.

We can trim prints to image size / borderless on request. 

All prints are sold unframed.

Please Note: Our watermark will not appear on your print

Our prints will last for many years and will maintain their vibrancy provided they are not displayed in direct sunlight for lengthy periods of time.  

About Image Restoration

Nearly all old images require restoration, some are quite challenging, but we like to take into account the aesthetics and mood of each piece before working on it. We exercise varying degrees of restoration on each piece. Certain images we restore completely so they look as close as possible to the way they did when first created, others we like to keep in a more aged state, restoring only to a point where we feel it preserves the atmosphere of the work, and it's place in time.

Keeping art real...

Art is not meant to be 'one size fits all' but, rather, comes in many different shapes and formats. We prefer not to compromise image quality for the sake of complying with off-the-shelf framing, so we offer our prints in a range of formats.

We do however, also offer a custom print size service should you have special framing requirements. In most instances we don't charge for the extra work.